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Specification for Bonded Flexible Pipe
standard by American Petroleum Institute, 09/01/2001



This specification defines the technical requirements for safe, dimensionally and functionally interchangeable bonded flexible pipes that are designed and manufactured to uniform standards and criteria.

Minimum requirements are specified for the design, material selection, manufacture, testing, marking and packaging of bonded flexible pipes, with reference to existing codes and standards where applicable. Reference API RP 17B for guidelines on the use of flexible pipes and ancillary components.

Spec 17K applies to bonded flexible pipe assemblies, consisting of segments of flexible pipe body with end fittings attached to both ends. This specification may be applied to flexible pipes which include non-metallic reinforcing layers, though no effort was made to address the specific and unique technological aspects of this product. If this specification is used for pipes with non-metallic reinforcing layers, the manufacturer shall demonstrate by analysis and tests that the level of safety during the service life is not less than that given by this specification for metallic reinforced pipes.

This specification may be applied to a bonded construction pipe that includes a material or layer construction that is covered in API Spec 17J, and to which API Spec 17J requirements shall apply. The manufacturer shall demonstrate by analysis and tests that the levels of safety are not less than those required by API Spec 17J and API Spec 17K.

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