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Drilling Ahead Safely with Lost Circulation in the Gulf of Mexico, First Edition
standard by American Petroleum Institute, 08/01/2015



This bulletin identifies items that should be considered to safely address lost circulation challenges when the equivalent circulating density (ECD) exceeds the fracture gradient. It addresses drilling margins and drilling ahead with mud losses, which are not addressed in API 65-2. It provides guidance when lost circulation is experienced with either surface or subsea stack operations (excluding diverter operations). These practices may apply to other Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) environments such as offshore California and Florida.

Lost circulation during drilling operations, in the form of both seepage and fracture losses, is a common occurrence in the Gulf of Mexico and other OCS environments. Through extensive practical experience, operators and drilling contractors have learned that with proper information, planning and execution, lost circulation can be safely managed to allow well construction goals to be met. The methods used to repair or manage lost circulation are based on well location, geology, pore and fracture pressures, drilling depth, well design, hydraulics, mud properties, and available contingencies.

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