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Well Construction Interface Document Guidelines, FIrst Edition
standard by American Petroleum Institute, 11/01/2013



This bulletin provides guidance on information that is to be shared regarding well construction and rig-specific operating guidelines. It is intended to align the lease operator’s safety and environmental management system (SEMS) with drilling contractor’s safe work practices (CSWP).

The WCID-SEMS is a bridging document that includes the elements identified in API 75 within the context of well construction activities. It is understood that work processes vary between operators and contractors, which should be honored in the development of the WCID document.

The intent of the bridging document between the lease operator’s SEMS and the CSWP is to provide:

a)an outline of responsibilities for the lease operator’s and drilling contractor’s personnel;

b)acknowledgement that management of change (MOC) and risk assessment processes should be used:
–during well construction activities,
–to address personnel or organizational changes to ensure personnel skill level is sufficient for the applicable position;

c)a vehicle for the drilling contractor to be involved when operational changes and/or conditions are identified that could require a well activity risk assessment;

d)a method to align all parties with regard to drilling HSE standards and applicable regulatory requirements;

e)a method of communication of the stop work authority.

The WCID-well plan contains the following elements:

a)well design:
–location and environment,
–geological and geophysical;

b)well barrier plan risk identification;

c)well execution plan.

To enhance safe operations, the well plan provides a basis for discussion of well construction equipment, barriers, risks, and the mitigations for those risks.

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