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Proving Systems: Conventional Pipe Provers, Second Edition
Handbook / Manual / Guide by American Petroleum Institute, 03/01/2001



This document addresses pipe provers with sufficient volume to accumulate a minimum of 10,000 whole-unaltered meter pulses between detector switches for each pass of the displacer. Historically this type of prover has been referred to as a “conventional” pipe prover. Both mobile and stationary provers may be constructed in accordance with the principals described in this Chapter. Pipe provers are also used for pipelines in which a calibrated portion of the pipeline (straight, U-shaped, or folded) serves as the reference volume. Some provers are arranged so that liquid can be displaced in either direction.

This Chapter outlines the essential elements of unidirectional and bidirectional conventional pipe provers and provides design, and installation details for the types of pipe provers that are currently in use. The pipe proversdiscussed in the document are designed for proving measurement devices under dynamic operating conditions with single-phase liquid hydrocarbons. These provers consist of a pipe section through which a displacer travels and activates detection devices before stopping at the end of the run as the stream is diverted or bypassed.

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