AS CA65-1972

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Use of timber in structures (known as the SAA Timber Engineering Code)
standard by Standards Australia, 01/01/1972



Relates primarily to the structural use of timber. The code is based on the principles of structural mechanics and on data established by research. It is intended for use in the design or appraisal of structural elements comprised of timber or wood products and of structures comprised substantially of timber. To this end, the code provides design data for sawn timber, laminated timber, timber in pole form, plywood and various types of fastenings. In addition, it provides methods of test for components or assemblies of unconventional design which may not be readily amenable to detailed analysis. This code may be used for the design of light timber-framed structures. However design and other ancillary information for this purpose are available in a more readily usable form in AS CA38. Both codes have been derived from the same basic design principles.

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