ASTM C1780-20

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Standard Practice for Installation Methods for Cement-based Adhered Masonry Veneer
standard by ASTM International, 06/01/2020



1.1 This practice is intended to provide accepted procedures to designers and installers of cement-based adhered masonry veneer in residential and commercial construction. This information is meant to complement the specific installation instructions provided by manufacturers of cement-based adhered masonry veneers and recognized building codes, but is not meant to replace them. This practice does not address installation methods or techniques for all materials in the building envelope. This practice covers the installation of cement-based adhered masonry veneer units for application as adhered veneer to exterior and interior walls, columns, landscape structures and other structures suitable to receive adhered veneer. The units included in this practice are manufactured to meet the requirements of Specification C1670/C1670M or C1877. This practice is limited to the installation of units. This practice does not cover all flashing or moisture management requirements. Refer to the applicable building code and project documents for additional flashing and moisture management requirements.

Note 1: The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) publication Installation Guide and Detailing Options for Compliance with ASTM C1780 for Adhered Manufactured Stone Veneer provides generally accepted methods and details for installation and flashing for manufactured stone veneer.

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