ASTM D6377-20

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Standard Test Method for Determination of Vapor Pressure of Crude Oil: VPCRx</inf >¿¿¿(Expansion Method)
standard by ASTM International, 06/01/2020



1.1 This test method covers the use of automated vapor pressure instruments to determine the vapor pressure exerted in vacuum of crude oils. This test method is suitable for testing samples that exert a vapor pressure between 25 kPa and 180 kPa at 37.8 °C at vapor-liquid ratios from 4:1 and 0.02:1 (X = 4 and 0.02).

Note 1: This test method is suitable for the determination of the vapor pressure of crude oils at temperatures from 0 °C to 100 °C and pressures up to 500 kPa, but the precision and bias statements (see Section 14) may not be applicable. The current precision of the method is limited at vapor-liquid ratios of 0.02 and 4. (Section 14 is inclusive of vapor-liquid ratios of 0.02 and 4).

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