BS 5930:2015+A1

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Code of practice for ground investigations
standard by BSI Group, 07/31/2015



BS 5930:2015+A1 gives recommendations for the investigation of sites for the purposes of assessing their suitability for the construction of civil engineering and building works and of acquiring knowledge of the characteristics of a site that could affect the design and construction of such work and the security of neighbouring land and property.

NOTE The use of soil and rock as construction materials is treated only briefly; further information is given in BS 6031.

This British Standard provides guidance on the application of BS EN 1997-1 and BS EN 1997-2 and the related test standards cited therein.

It does not provide guidance on investigations for contamination or naturally elevated concentrations of potentially hazardous substances (these are dealt with in BS 10175). Nor does it provide guidance on investigations for ground gas (these are dealt with in BS 8576). However, it does provide guidance on the integration of geotechnical investigations with investigations for contamination or ground gas and other types of investigations (e.g. archaeological).

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