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Elastomer: Methyl/Methyl Vinyl Silicone (MQ/VMQ) High Temperature Resistant High Strength/Tear Resistant 45 to 55 Type ¿¿¿A¿¿¿ Durometer Hardness
standard by SAE International, 05/26/2020



This specification covers a methyl or methyl vinyl silicone rubber material that can be used to manufacture product in the form of sheet, strip, tubing, extrusions, and molded shapes. For molded rings, compression seals, O-ring cord, and molded in place gaskets for aeronautical and aerospace applications, use the AMS7000 series specification. This material type has resistance to high temperature environments as well as high aniline point petroleum-based oil, but usage is not limited to such applications. This material type has a typical service temperature range of -103 to +401 ¿¿F ( 75 to +205 ¿¿C). The service temperature range of material is a general temperature range, but the presence of particular fluids and specific design requirements may modify this range. Each application should be considered separately. It is the responsibility of the user to determine that this specification is appropriate for the environments (temperature range, fluids exposure, etc.) in which it is sought to be used. These products are not normally suitable for use in contact with gasoline or aromatic fuels and low aniline point petroleum-based fluids due to excessive swelling.

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