SAE J2467_202005

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Welded and Cold-Drawn, SAE 1021 Carbon Steel Tubing Normalized for Bending, Single Flaring, Cold Forming, Welding, and Brazing
standard by SAE International, 05/26/2020



The SAE Standard covers normalized electric resistance welded, cold-drawn, single-wall, SAE 1021 carbon steel pressure tubing intended for use as pressure lines and in other applications requiring tubing of a quality suitable for bending, flaring, forming, and brazing.

The grade of material produced to this specification is higher in carbon content and manganese content than the grade of material specified in SAE J525 and is intended to service higher pressure applications than equivalent sizes of SAE J525. Due to the higher carbon and manganese content the forming characteristics of the finished tube are diminished versus the SAE J525 product. Special attention to the overall forming requirements of the finished assembly shall be taken into consideration when specifying material produced to this specification.

In an effort to standardize within a global marketplace and ensuring that companies can remain competitive in an international market it is the intent to convert to metric tube sizes which will:

  • Lead to one global system
  • Guide users to preferred system
  • Reduce complexity
  • Eliminate inventory duplications

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