SAE J3006_202005

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Low-Duty Inertia Dynamometer Hydraulic Brake Wear Test Procedures for Vehicles Above 4536 kg (10000 pounds) of GVWR
standard by SAE International, 05/26/2020



This Recommended Practice is derived from OEM and tier-1 laboratory tests and applies to two-axle multipurpose passenger vehicles, or trucks with a GVWR above 4536 kg (10 000 pounds) equipped with hydraulic disc or drum service brakes. Before conducting testing for a specific brake sizes or under specific test conditions, review, agree upon, and document with the test requestor any deviations from the test procedure. Also, the applicable criteria for the final test results and wear rates deemed as significantly different require definition, assessment, and proper documentation; especially as this will determine whether or not Method B testing is needed.

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