SAE J533_202005

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Flares for Tubing
standard by SAE International, 05/26/2020



This SAE Standard covers specifications and performance requirements for 37 degree and 45 degree single and double flares for tube ends intended for use with SAE J512, SAE J513, SAE J514, and ISO 8434-2 connectors. The flares described in this document are intended for use with SAE metallic tube materials. Considerations such as the effects of wall thickness selection for specific working pressures, identifying appropriate length of thread engagements for specific applications with mating connectors and other associated criteria, shall be the responsibility of the user. For applicable nominal reference working pressures for hydraulic tubing, refer to SAE J1065 and ISO 10763.

In an effort to standardize within a global marketplace and ensure that companies can remain competitive in an international market, it is the intent of this document to promote the use of metric tube and connector sizes, which will:

  • Lead to one global system.
  • Guide users to a preferred system.
  • Reduce complexity.
  • Eliminate inventory duplications.

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